This is a page filled with things to buy.  That is, not a page filled with things to buy (although I do have an Amazon wish list), but rather a resource listing commercial endeavors of which I approve and think that we should all support.  Sort of my small version of the Whole Earth Catalog.

Edible Landscaping: A nursery in Afton, VA, specializing in edible plants.  They sell the best varieties of fruit trees (Asian pears, antique apples, new breeds from USDA labs), citrus, logs covered with Shitake mushroom spores, you name it.  I take regular pilgrimages to the nursery - check it out!

Townline Farm Poultry Preserve: Raises heritage breed turkeys on a farm in Western Pennsylvania.  Also has links to the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy.  One of my pet (someday!) interests.

Ofoto: Great site for printing digital pictures which you upload.

Plasticlumberyard: It may not be totally apparent, but I really like gardening....perhaps as much as I like my dog.  So a company which manufactures lumber from recycled plastic bottles - great for, say, building raised beds - is way cool where I'm concerned.  Happens to be located just a few miles from my brother's home in Norristown.