Strong Bad Flash Cartoons: A part of, where the unbelievably funny Strong Bad cartoons can be found.  Scroll down to watch the first one - "Robot".  I guarantee that you'll be hooked.

Splendid E-zine: On-line music site featuring samples from tens of thousands of albums and interviews with artists.  Not the difficult-to-use for-profit commercial pit you would rightly suspect it to be, as it seems to be supported by a dot-com millionare who really likes music; the only example in society of a trickle-down good that I have encountered in the wild.

Science Hobbyist: The homepage of a Seattleite named Bill Beatty, which contains an incredible profusion of links to information of interest to amateur scientists.  I ran across the page when I was building Tesla coils - there's lots of good information on that topic, as well as many others.

Aric's Website: The website of my brother Aric.  Lots of information about beer-brewing, and some pictures of us at (see above) Edible Landscaping.

Tepper Partners: Something to do while my wife whiles away all of our special time on probability, marketing, or the history of the Cheez-Whiz Corporation, or some such thing.

Allegheny Trail Alliance: Hiking and biking trails in Southwestern Pennsylvania.